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Precautions when using the beige color sorter

Time: 2019/10/21
With the development of science and technology, the era of manual screening has passed, and the problem of rice quality screening has been completely solved by the rice color sorting machine. The rice color sorting machine has been widely used in rice selection and has been favored by many rice manufacturers. The work efficiency of rice quality and screening. What should you pay attention to when using the rice color machine? Let's take a look.
Precautions when installing the rice color machine:
(1) There should be no ground vibration at the installation site.
(2) The machine must be installed on the last selection process, ie after polishing or fine grinding.
(3) The machine should be installed on a level ground without the need to pre-embed anchor bolts.
(4), the machine should be installed in a separate room (recommended air conditioning is recommended), not should be installed in low
Temperature, high temperature, humidity, and dusty occasions.
(5) Prevent strong electromagnetic interference at the scene and nearby. Therefore, the user must use the iron pipe for the inlet and outlet pipes and the exhaust pipe. Do not use plastic pipes and other non-metallic pipes, and have good grounding.
Color sorter unpacking and inspection:
After receiving the machine, be careful when unpacking, avoid unnecessary damage to the machine, and check the integrity of the parts and equipment.
Color sorter mechanical installation:
The machine should be mounted on a sturdy platform with railings or on a hard floor, and the level of the machine should be adjusted with a level gauge. There should be a channel around the machine for operation, inspection and maintenance. According to the specific conditions of the site, the upper feed port corresponds to the user's feed pipe, and the flow regulating plate and the storage bin should be set on the pipe. Note that the feed pipe must not be pressed against the feed hopper of the machine, otherwise the throughput will be affected.