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The rice color sorter machine makes the rice price higher

Time: 2019/10/22
The status quo of rice. With the rapid increase of the world population, the demand for food production is also growing. As the world's first grain rice, its production value is also increasing year by year; technology is developing, people are making continuous progress, more and more People pay attention to the quality and safety of food. Therefore, the important problem facing rice is the quality of rice. High-quality rice can make rice more expensive and sell better.
The current status of the use of the rice color sorter. At present, according to the survey, 90% of the rice processing plants in the country have been on the rice color selection machine. Some people ask why the rice color selection opportunity is so popular. At this stage, the competition in the rice market is actually very fierce. The era of price has passed. Now it belongs to the era of quality. Once your rice is worse than others, your products will not be market competitive. It is also the best reason for the current application of the rice color sorter.
Do you want to use the rice color machine? Many people are very entangled in the selection of the rice color selection machine, and may not be familiar with this product. I dare not just try it. Here, Xiaobian is very responsible to tell you that it must be used; from the feedback of customer use, The rice produced after using the rice color sorting machine has improved its quality several times, and the price has also increased several grades; the poor quality rice even affects people's health.
What is the main choice for the rice color machine? The rice in the market is high-quality rice produced through layer processing. In the process of processing and production, the main responsibility of the rice color sorting machine is to select high-quality rice. It mainly uses black rice, water yellow rice and small rice in rice. Stones, impurities and other foreign matter are screened out to improve the quality of rice, make rice better and increase the price of rice.
At present, there are many manufacturers of rice color sorting machines on the market. If the output is not too large, the Zhongrui micro-vision rice color sorting machine manufacturer recommends using rice single-channel or double-passing rice double-checking machine, and the color selection has the effect of two color selections. The selection rate is higher.