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Wesort rice color sorteingmachine installation knowledge points

Time: 2019/10/23
The rice color sorting machine can improve the quality of rice and the efficiency of screening. It has been widely used in rice selection and is favored by many rice manufacturers. After many manufacturers bought the rice color sorting machine, the effect is not as good as imagined. The reason for this situation is mostly because the installation environment has problems or the working order is wrong. Therefore, this article explains the installation knowledge of the rice color sorting machine. Rui Weiwei.
1, installed on the horizontal plane, the horizontal deviation of the four corners ≤ 5rnm
2, installed in a place without vibration
Vibration will cause serious damage to many electrical components and optical components of the color sorter. When installing, try to avoid vibration of the base, and the hopper and pipe connected to it should be softly connected to prevent vibration or flow impact on the machine. The adverse effects.
3. Avoid the influence of external light on its optical components
The entry of external light can cause interference to the optical system of the machine itself, causing malfunctions and causing malfunction of the identification system. The lighting and lighting of the workshop should pay attention to overcome this problem.
4. Because the rice grain is thrown into the color selection area through the chute, it is thrown by inertia. If the machine is not level enough, the friction of the rice grain in the chute will be different, the movement speed will change, and the rice grain operation posture will also change. These values ​​will be different. Built-in values ​​in the machine make it difficult to get the best color selection
5, to provide high-quality power, the machine must be set up a separate ground loop
It is necessary to have a regulated power supply of AC-3 phase 380V. The stable voltage can ensure the accurate output of the electrical components and improve the accuracy of the work. Setting a separate grounding circuit can avoid interference from external electrical signals such as other machines and prevent malfunction of the electrical components of the machine. At the same time, pay attention to the direct or related contact between the line of the welding machine and the machine.
6, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc.
The inherent characteristics of electrical components require that the temperature of their working environment be 10 to 30 ° C, and the humidity and dust should be as low as possible. If the temperature is too high or too low, the working curve of the electrical components will be changed, which will deviate from the required index, thus affecting the performance of the machine; humidity and dust will reduce the heat dissipation effect, accelerate the aging of the components and reduce the resolution of the optical components. In addition, if the temperature is lower than 0 °C, the automatic water discharge port of the air filter in the machine will be frozen, and the moisture in the air will not be released, which will affect the normal operation of the spray valve. For workshops without heating facilities, separate heating should be used for the color sorter.
7. Configure a certain receiving bin; stable feed flow
The stable flow rate is beneficial to the machine to run more stably. A certain capacity of the feed bin (usually the processing capacity of the color sorter for 10-20 min) is arranged in front of the color sorter, and a section of 0.3 to 0.5 is installed in the feed port of the color sorter. The m-high glass square bucket is used to observe the flow condition, and the inserting plate is arranged above the square bucket to coarsely adjust the flow rate of each channel.
8, the machine should have lm space around
The color sorter requires frequent operation, inspection and maintenance, and it is necessary to leave a certain amount of operating space, and the equipment must be carefully taken care of during handling, installation and use.