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Some knowledge you must know to buy a rice color sorting machine

Time: 2019/11/08
In recent years, due to the surge in the population of the country, the demand for snow for grain production has also increased. At present, the national grain output is steadily increasing. It is expected that the grain output will remain at 600 million tons in 2018, which is not surprising. The grain income has been guaranteed to be stable. However, the increase in grain production has also increased the demand for agricultural machinery and equipment by many agricultural production and processing companies, and has increased the dependence of agricultural products on agricultural machinery and equipment in disguise. Among them, the rice color selection process has also become a top priority.
Rice is China's main food crop. Improving the quality of rice is a very important topic at present. As people's life concept develops towards health and health, it makes food safety an important issue. The quality of rice is good or bad. It directly affects the goodness of people's bodies. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the quality of rice. The rice color sorting machine is very helpful for improving the quality of rice. It can sort out good and bad materials, thus improving the quality of the products and selling them at a good price.
What do we need to know to buy a rice color machine?
Why do you want to go to the rice color machine? At present, as far as the rice market is concerned, the price war of rice is no longer the mainstream. The quality of rice is the first factor for the market. 90% of the rice processors in China basically use the color sorter when they use color. After the selection of the machine, their rice quality increased significantly, the price will go up; if the rice deteriorates, it will contain aflatoxin, carcinogens, which also requires the quality of rice must be improved, therefore, we need to go to the beige Machine selection.
What is the color of the rice color selection machine? The rice color sorting machine is mainly used in the rice processing industry, whether it is a single processing production such as: fresh rice shop; or small processing of its own, sold to the supermarket to help others process; even the assembly line, a process connected to a process; rice color selection The main responsibility of the machine is to remove rice water yellow, blackhead, belly white, stone, chaff, impurities and particles of different colors to achieve the effect of optimizing rice, improve the quality of rice and increase the price of rice.
Zhongrui Microvision intelligent color CCD rice color sorting machine adopts international advanced CCD sensor, multi-pixel scanning makes material color selection more precise; 30 sets of memory function color selection materials are more convenient, one-button switching; mobile tablet with remote Control the system, solve your problems at any time, save costs and time; product one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, help customers become bigger and stronger; wholeheartedly serve customers.