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How does the rice color sorter efficiently select high quality rice?

Time: 2019/11/11
How does the rice color sorter efficiently select high quality rice? At present, many rice processing industries are using rice color sorting machines to improve the quality of rice, to make their rice stand out among many products and expand their own advantages; poor rice products not only reduce the competitiveness of their products, but also the price. It is also much lower, and it also has a certain impact on the health of consumers. Therefore, the use of a beige color selection machine is the best choice.
The rice color sorting machine quickly selects high-quality rice, and the rice raw material passes through the feeding system of the rice color sorting machine, and the rice is evenly and effectively transported through the vibrating screen. The camera takes an image to form an image and transmits it to the processing system, and the computer recognizes the good material and its impurities. With the heterochromatic particles, the signal is sent to the spray valve, and the spray valve is blown to blow out the defective product, thereby obtaining high quality rice. After the color selection of the rice color machine, the rice is full, the color is bright, and the quality is high, to meet the needs of customers.
Where is the quality of the rice color machine? The intelligent color CCD jade rice color sorting machine uses a multi-million-pixel camera to monitor and collect image data of rice in real time, which can accurately identify the heterochromatic particles and impurities in rice, and professionally remove the white, yellow, blackhead and mildew grains in rice. , imperfect grain, and other color particles, provide stereo recognition color selection technology, all-round scanning, to meet the ultra-high precision sorting needs of rice. Full color precision, efficient sorting is more thorough, full computer intelligent control, easy to use and easy to use.
The rice color sorting machine provides different types of color sorting machines according to the customer's output. There are 1-10 board models, which can also be customized to solve your troubles. Faced with the requirements of high-quality rice in the market, the introduction of rice color sorting machine is indispensable. Zhongrui Microvision intelligent color CCD rice color sorting machine, intelligent sorting, one step in place, to obtain high quality rice.