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Success Cases

Nut Color Sorter

Time: 2018/12/20


Customer:Manoranjan Nandi


Machine:Intelligent Full-Color  Nut Color Sorter

Client Description:Nut is a specialty of Spain, and it has many uses like making "horchata", a refreshing drink from Valencia.The customer uses a 6 chute 6SXZ-408 Wesort Color Sorter to remove the moldy tiger nut. Moldy tiger nut has a black color, while the healthy tiger nut is in brown color. They used to remove the moldy ones manually in the past. But now they use a Wesort Color Sorter Machine to do it. The difference, of course, is huge.With the new 6 chute machine they are able to sort the product easily with the Wesort App on the included Lenovo® tablet and fast, thanks to the quality of the machine. For them it's time and labor cost saving, which let's them be more efficient than theit competition.