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Industrial Color Sorter

Plastic Color Sorter

 Type  6SXZ
 68L  136L  272L
 Capacity(KG/H)  <600  <1200   <2400 
 Power(kw)  0.7-1.0  1.5-1.8  2.5-3.0
 Air Consumption(L/min)  <500  <1000  <2000
 Sorting precision(%)  ≥99  ≥99  ≥99
 Voltage  220V  220V  220V
 Air Pressure(Mpa)  0.4-0.6  0.5-0.7  0.6-0.8


  • Product Description
Product Description

Basic situation of Plastic Color Sorter 

The Intelligent Full-Color CCD Plastic Color Sorter is based on differences in the optical properties of Plastic. It uses photoelectric technology to scan the particles of the materials and sort them automatically, so as to improve its quality and remove any defect or contamination.

Wesort Intelligent Full-Color CCD Plastic Color Sorter is specialized for the Plastic processing industry, and the result of R&D on the use of sorting equipment. It uses a 54.00 million pixel high-resolution dual camera for the selection feed color image acquisition and comparison. The system compares rejects and raw materials from the image. It will sort out the different colors and impurities of the Plastic. Separating the rejected and accepted, controlling the quality of materials. Compared with manual sorting, the Wesort Intelligent Full-color CCD Plastic Color Sorter is faster, more efficient, cleaner, and it also will reduce the costs and waste.

Traditional manual sort plastics, intelligent color sorter for sorting plastics

Traditional manual sorting Plastics is time consuming and laborious, and requires a lot of money. Smart CCD color sorter is equivalent to 12 people sorting Plastics at same time, saving time and effort and saving money

Application of Plastic Color Sorter 

Suitable for different types of industrial, including: Plastics, jewels, quartz sand, pebbles, metallic potassium, feldspar, beads, ore, etc.

Select different color models according to the output

color sorter

Product advantages

1.Linear array CCD adopt full-color sorting technique, high resolution for full color, High speed sorting recognition is more exquisite.

2.Blend in Shape recognition technique,more precise to make a grade to the rice and grain.

3.Visible full color light spectral distribution, free to adjust the spectral region

4.It can be suitable to sort a variety of grains, industrial products, other particles and sheet material through choose different sloping chute.

5.High resolution imaging technology,take the pictures to collect the images of sorted products,it can be defined sorting for thousands of materials and 100,000 colors, truly achieve wide use color sorting.

6.Each group can independently and simultaneously process multi-tasking and multi-mode color sorting,multi, anti-election and multi-color simultaneously.

7.High Brightness,long-life LED light can satify to different products and color,and needn't to change LED light.

8.Powerful software platform, easy to lear and know, simple to operate.


The principle of Plastic Color Sorter 

principle of Color Sorter


1. Raw Material are put into the machine from its feeding hopper on the top.

2. Vibrated by vibration device and sliding along material chute into the zone of observation in sorting chamber through sensor and background plate .

3. Under the effect of light source, CCD sensor receives compound light from materials being sorted.

4. According to the light intensity and color changes, make the system produce output signal and drive solenoid valve to work ,ejecting the discolor grain to defect chamber and good materials continue to fall into the finished goods chamber.


company advantage

1.Over 14 years experiences focus on color sorter. The biggest sorter machine factory in south China. We have the strength give better service and price to you.

2.Overseas Service Station: We have service station, cooperate reseller more than 40 countries. Wesort can meet your requirements on testing, installation and after sales service.

3.OEM/ODM is Supported: We have a strong R&G team(5 famous doctor engineers are included ). We can research and development suitable color sorter for you.

4.Quality Process Assurance: We pass ISO quality management system, each process of production are under strictly standard.

5.Shipping Guarantee: we have professional packaging operations team, independent export qualification to ensure product safety and stability to reach customers in the hands.

6.After-sales Service Guarantee:  We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free home repair during the warranty period (except for human factors or irresistible natural phenomena caused by failure or damage)

7. Sales team: Our professional sales team is fluent in English, Russian, Chinese , Spanish and Japanese. Can communicate better with customers.


After-sales Service Guarantee

 We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free home repair during the warranty period (except for human factors or irresistible natural phenomena caused by failure or damage)



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