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Tea Color Sorter

Red Tea color Sorter

 Type  6CSX
 136S   256S  512S
 Capacity(kg/H)   50-100   100-200    200-400 
 Power(kw)  1.2-1.5  2.0-2.5  4.8-5.6
 Air Consumption(L/min)  <100  <2000  <4200
 Sorting precision(%)  ≥96  ≥96  ≥96
 Voltage  220V  220V  220V
 Air Pressure(Mpa)  0.5-0.7  0.6-0.8  0.6-0.8


  • Product Description
Product Description

Traditional manual sort Teas, intelligent color sorter for sorting Teas

Traditional manual sorting Teas is time consuming and laborious, and requires a lot of money. Smart CCD color sorter is equivalent to 12 people sorting Teas at same time, saving time and effort and saving money.

Application of Red Tea Color Sorter 

Suitable for different types of tea, including: black tea, green tea, black tea, etc.


Select different color models according to the output

tea color sorter


The principle of Red Tea Color Sorter 

principle of Color Sorter


After-sales Service Guarantee

 We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free home repair during the warranty period (except for human factors or irresistible natural phenomena caused by failure or damage)


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Customer Testimonials

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