Company Culture

Wesort (Shenzhen Wesort Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.) was born in Shenzhen, China, the capital of reform and opening up and technological innovation. We are a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of AI visual recognition mechanical equipment such as color selection machines and selection machines.


The Wesort technology team has been exploring and researching in the visual recognition industry in Europe and America for more than 20 years. They have developed and designed over 200 visual recognition devices, and hold over 100 industry technology patents, providing customers with customized visual recognition solutions and services.

Wesort Color Sorter and Selection Machine have been deeply cultivated and researched in multiple industries such as rice, tea, nuts, plastics, minerals, seeds, miscellaneous grains, jewelry, seasonings, seafood, etc., breaking the barriers of manual sorting and high-performance machine sorting, and increasing the production capacity of some customers by more than 10 times.


In order to better serve global customers, Zhongrui Weishi has established branches and overseas warehouses in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and other regions. The product sales have covered over 100 countries and achieved 100% coverage across all provinces in China. The online service team and global offline customer on-site service personnel have jointly formed a global after-sales service organization, allowing customers to easily and efficiently use the Zhongrui Micro Vision color sorter and selection equipment.

In the future, Shenzhen Zhongrui Micro Vision Company will drive industry reform with AI functional manufacturing, focusing on the brand concept of "innovation", "sincerity", and "focus", creating more valuable visual identification and sorting equipment for food safety, environmental protection, resource recycling and reuse for all mankind, and jointly creating a healthy, beautiful, and recyclable world.