Development Path


▷ 2012 

Shenzhen XYJ automation equipment Co., Ltd was founded, starting R&D of 50 intelligent automatic equipment, serving 320 companies. 

▷ 2013 

XYJ worked with Swiss team to develop the first Android color sorter in the world. 

▷ 2014 

Shenzhen Wesort Optoelectronic Co., Ltd was founded, entering the military industrial park and developing the third generation of intelligent full color CCD color sorter. 

▷ 2015 

We launched the first small CCD color sorter in China, helping 580 small and medium business to improve their competition in the market. 

▷ 2016 

We researched and developed fourth generation of intelligent CCD color sorter, which ranked at  top of small color sorter sales, helping 2500 small and medium companies to improve their profit. 

▷ 2017 

We started to develop international market. Our oversea branches were founded in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Russia. We were approved as national high -tech enterprise, becoming the first director of intelligent AI Robot association in China. 

▷ 2018 

We developed cloud data system and remote control system, achieved 24 hours service before and after sales, which helped us to achieve 95% rate of satisfaction from our customers.

▷ 2019 

The first fifth generation intelligent CCD color sorter with ultra micro recognition technology was developed successfully by our company, solved the difficulty of sorting tiny materials or materials with similar color, which is a breakthrough in color sorter sector.

▷ 2020 

We developed the latest leading AI system, with billions pixel eagle eyes recognition technology, opening a new era of high-end artificial intelligence of color sorter.